True Side Effects Of Human Growth Hormone

Many people are looking for delay aging and remain young. They want to know how to buy Human Growth Hormone once they read about its advantages. In an effort to find the fountain of youth, some people turn way. They don’t even take into consideration hgh side effects or value. This article reviews Human Growth Hormone supplements and injections, which are the two most common ways of taking Human Growth Hormone.

Because these Human Growth Hormone supplements are increasing in popularity, many people wrongly them safe for use. The Federal Drug Administration of the United States has no power to approve Human Growth Hormone or any other dietary supplements. Injectable pharmaceutical Human Growth Hormone is available, but only a licensed doctor can give you a prescription and is regulated by the Federal Drug Administration.

Although there is presently no solid evidence that these human growth hormone supplements help prevent aging, some people spend a large amount of money on them trying to find the fountain of youth. The marketers get people to buy them by saying that they increase muscle bulk, lower body fat and raise individual energy levels.

The fact that the injections yield faster results than the supplements, which can take as long as three months to show obvious effects, is the greatest advantage of using injections instead of supplements. It is very important that the amount of hormone injected gets adjusted as the body changes. An increase in blood pressure and tiredness are some of the negative side effects of an Human Growth Hormone overdose. In some instances it has been linked to the possible increase of growth in cancer cells.

Human Growth Hormone shots are extremely costly, with a possible yearly price of over 15,000 dollars. Many individuals, who want to stop the effects of aging, turn to over-the-counter growth hormone supplements because of the difficulty in obtaining a prescription for injectable Human Growth Hormone.

As an affordable alternative to injections, vitamin supplements called hgh releasers are available. Hormone supplements are much safer than shots. Amino acids, vitamins, and herbs are the main ingredients used. The pituitary gland is stimulated by them, thus creating more Human Growth Hormone.

Although these supplements are not a replacement for the hormone itself, by taking Human Growth Hormone supplements, the body is assisted in producing more growth hormone. Excessive intake of the human growth hormone supplements causes few side effects because the body produces only the amount of this hormone that it needs.

The aging process in the body may speed up once one stops taking Human Growth Hormone injections, which is a big disadvantage. Our body may decrease its own hormone release when certain types of hormones are administered through injection. The body often won’t naturally generate hormones if the hormone shots are abruptly halted.